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i am looking foraders for swimming on friday but we will not be doing swimming for 3 weeks so i will miss it and then we will be going back for 2 weeks from devon

Some of the measuring games from numeracy

June14 – we tried the easy level – click on KS1/2 at the top of the page and then there are lots of games.

piart games


from devon.

layla’s friday qwestion


how many planets are they and what are the colours???

Super Pirates Ahoy!


Today was super thinking day in our class. We all came into school dressed as AMAZING pirates! For our task, we had to generate ideas for a treasure hunt. Each group had to make treasure, containers, maps and clues for another group. What did you think about today everyone?!
I thought you were brilliant! Well done 3/4C!
Miss C x

Super Thinking Day! on PhotoPeach


i like today because is the trega hont

super thinking day 2011…


Me and aaron had a fantastic day in barlow hall we had to hunt our treasure in the field.
We had so much fun we had to dress up as a pirate for the fantastic super thinking day.



we went to do a treasre hunt with my class and at the hall we did a comprteshoin bet wene three classes and we had lots of fun with are class. 10/6/11



i liket makein the tresher today for a tresher hunt it was fun as it can be. love from kaitlyn


jeziah, Muhibullah and aaron had a fantastic day in barlow hall we had to hunt our treasure in the field We had so much fun we had to dress up as a pirate for the fantastic super thinking day, i got a pirate mustash also a berd.    

devons and layla’s and danyas day!!!!!


hi ist layla and devon and danya we had a grete day today we loved the treause hunt.
we also love dressing up as a PIRATE! we hade face paint aswell
also miss cavagnah loked REALY nice

Deem and wasan’s report


Today we we did a lot of fun things.this morning we started making some treasure-maps,treasure boxs,clues for the treasure and treasure to put inside the treasure box after that we started making some eye patches then after lunch we started doing are treasure hunt.

What do you think of our Pirates topic so far?


Rate our pirates topic from 1-5 stars. 1 = very bad. 5 = absolutely amazing.
Comment and let me know what you are enjoying the most!

Pirate Books!


Ahoy Matey – Year 3/4 make pirate themed books on PhotoPeach

This week, we spent two afternoon sessions working with Mrs Law, our school artist. We have made the most amazing pirate themed books. Please come and see your child’s book! The best 5 will be sent to the John Rylands library over the summer holidays to take part in a special exhibition. Fingers crossed it might be yours! Miss C x

devons holliday!


hi everybody i had a relly good time on my holliday i will be coming in school on friday and i got you your prezent miss cavanagha and i met a friend called morgan he is my best friend and he has 2 brothers and one sister and on tuseday he was having a barique and he invitted me to it and we had rostes marshmello and it was guwwy and by by 🙂

ARRR this is prirate layla


3 amazing pirates on PhotoPeach

layla’s voki


My Holday


I been in lakedestrik I playd with My frind it is Rawan and Nura and Jana
we pot are legs in the water and, we gwing in a baot and ,The last thing Coina meat was delicious.


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