Class 3/4C at Barlow Hall

Welcome to the wonderful world of Year 3/4C

devons photo peach


at the museum on PhotoPeach

at the museum on PhotoPeach





missing miss cavanagh


I will miss , some of my friends


tank you miss cavanagh for teesh

Thank you Class 34c- From Miss Mohamed!


Thank you to Miss Cavanaghs class, for all their lovely messages and pictures in my leaving book. It’s one of the best present’s I’ve ever been given! I hope your all having a great summer so far… Lots of love Miss Mohamed x

Super Bee And Bear


In a dark dark Town,There was a dark dark Street,In the dark dark Street,There was a light, bright, little cosy cottage.

And in that cottage lived bill the bear and buzz the bee. But one night there were camping in the forest bear said, Look at that piece of cheese bee.                                                                                                  

Thats Not cheese dummy thats a meator RUN!  said bee sartasticly 

As they ran they saw no other than JUSTIN BEAVER!!

Baby Baby Baby oh Rabies Rabies Rabies no, Sang justin beaver.

Come on lets go, said bee

No  want to hear his latest single,said bear

One less lonely rodent One less lonely girl.

Hurry up the meteor is getting closer.

Then bear flew up to the sky,

wait did  mention they were also crime fighters

where were i oh bear flew up to the sky and destroyed the meteor the end.

My Voki


laylas 9th friday early qwestion


what is a baby gorilla called

devon and abdullah and britney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


we did some work about the pirates and we did a power piont about then and miss put the power piont on the smart bord so everyone could see it this day was really good and i like working with abdullah and briteny they and cool by and they liked working with me so much they sed to me. and i would like to work with them all the time by 🙂

year 4


i like my new theche

2 weeks to go…!


Only two weeks to go until the end of this year. What a fantastic year it has been! 🙂
What have been some of your best bits?
I’ve loved our Pirates topic and the books that we made to take to John Rylands library.
What did you love doing this year?

John Rylands


Here’s a link to all of the events going on at our favourite library, John Rylands, over the summer holidays.
Most of them are free, so see if you can go and let me know what you think!
Miss C x



this is allah’s name on the sunset and that is how you spell it



what was your Favorite topic!survey software

Year 5!!!!!!!!!!


i cant whait to got top year five but i will be realy sad that all my year 3 friends wont be with me 🙁

i will miss a class so so much.



layla I now your anser it is 8

laylas 8th friday qwestion


how many legs do spiders have

year 5


hi everybody i am relly looking foraderds to going in year 5 and who ever is going in year 5 then i am relly happy from devon 🙂

Family Fun Festival


A big thank you to all of the mums, dads and family members who came to our Family Fun Festival today. I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. Don’t forget to comment here to tell us what you enjoyed!

Family Fun Day! on PhotoPeach

9 time tabel song


The school bell rings,
The kids start to swing,
We’re all gonna sing,
Com’on, com’on get busy now…

Now go and tell the teacher
They call me the preacher,
And nine is what I feature,
Let’s pump it, pump it, pump it up…

If you think you might blow it
Don’t be afraid to show it,
Just sing until you know it,
That’s right, let’s go, let’s groove it now…

Now listen to my song,
Grab the words and sing along,
And soon you’ll do no wrong,
Com’on, let’s times it up, times it up…

9 times 1 is 9 now, write it down,
9 times 2 is 18, oh baby,
9 times 3 is 27, shout it out,

36 hits like a rocket,
Pullin’ nines out of my pocket,
Don’t let me hear you knock it,
Pump it, a little louder now…

Let me hear you groove
Until we all start to move,
It’s easy to improve,
Com’on, let’s times it up, times it up…

9 times 5 is 45, write it down,
9 times 6 is 54, oh baby,
9 times 7 is 63, shout it out,

72 hits even louder
Exploding like gun powder,
I’m feelin’ even prouder,
Yo baby, prouder now…

I know that you’ll get through it,
Soon there’ll be nothing to it,
So come on now kids let’s do it,
Take it, take it, take it down…

9 times 9 is 81, write it down,
9 times 10 is 90, oh baby,
9 times 11 is 99, shout it out,

One hundred and eight,
You’re doing just great,
Now let’s get it straight,
Straight up now baby…

If you think you know this son,
Put down the words and sing along,
And tell me if I’m wrong,
Yo, put it down and shout it out…

9 times 1 is 9 now,
9 times 2 is 18,
9 times 3 is 27,
Now you see just what I mean,

9 times 4 is 36,
9 times 5 is 45,
9 times 6 is 54,
All it takes is a little drive, I said

9 times 7 is 63,
9 times 8 is 72,
9 times 9 is 81,
Listen up ’cause we’re almost through, I said

9 times 10 is 90,
9 times 11 is 99,
9 times 12 is 108,
If you’re getting them right, gimme a

Sign on the line,
You’re did just fine
Now you’ve begun to shine,
Shine on baby, shine on nine…

So go and tell the teacher
Now nine is what you feature,
That’s all from the preacher,
That’s all from the preacher,
That’s all!

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