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Easter Experience – Miss Cavanagh’s group


Experience Easter – Miss Cavanagh’s group on PhotoPeach

Treasure Hunt! Mrs Leah’s group


Year 3/4C hunting for treasure! on PhotoPeach

Treasure Hunt


What did you enjoy about today’s treasure hunt? I thought it was very funny to see everybody running around like crazy trying to find the clues! 🙂

The chicks visit Y3/4C


The chicks visit 3/4C! on PhotoPeach

What are you all doing?


Hi class, I hope you are all having a good evening. I’ve just returned from taking Viola out for her walk. My laptop is now fixed (I hope!) so I will be able to check the blog more often and see what you are all up to. Miss C c

“Help, Help, Miss Cavanagh is trying to eat my chocolates!”


A BIG well done to everybody in class. I’ve been reading your amazing stories from this week’s Big Writing lesson. They are absolutely fantastic and it’s going to be so hard to choose the star writer as I have so many fantastic stories to choose from! Why not post your story on here so that […]


It had been an extremely long and boring day. Lying all by myself on my spotted bed, I longed for my mum to get home from work so that we could spend some time together. I often found myself staring out of the window, my chin resting on the cold plastic of the windowsill, watching […]

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Hi class!


Hi everybody! Hope you had a good day on Friday and are having a brilliant weekend. Today I went on a little trip to Birmingham and it was a really lovely day out. What have you been doing? Anything exciting? On Friday Mr Vaughan, Miss Gray and I went to Chorlton Park School to learn […]

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What is this?


Can you describe this picture using VCOP? photo © 2006 Alun Salt | more info (via: Wylio)

The boy who cried wolf!


We are reading the story of “The boy who cried wolf” this week in our literacy lessons. How much of the story can you remember? What lesson does the story try to teach us?

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Roman numerals


I wonder if anybody can find examples of Roman numerals at home tonight? Where were they? Can you come up with any sums for other children in our class to answer? Here’s one from me: XXV + XXV = ?

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Devon’s voki

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This week…



CLC emailing trip on PhotoPeach

Get well soon Kaitlyn!


Kaitlyn, We miss you lots in class and hope that you get better soon – hopefully you will be able to read this before you come back. Let us know how you feel! Lots of love, Miss Cavanagh and the rest of  Y3/4C x

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Tonight’s homework


Homework for this week is to collect a shoe box ready to make our Roman Villas in Design Technology. Can anybody find out an interesting fact about Roman homes that we haven’t learnt already? Post it here. The most interesting one will win a gold team point! 🙂

John Rylands trip


Y3/4C Visit John Rylands Library on PhotoPeach

Are you ready for singing?


Go to and have a look at the song bank. Which songs would you like to have in our key stage singing assembly? Miss C x

What do you enjoy?


What do you enjoy the most about being in Y3/4C? I’ll start. My favourite thing about being in Y3/4C is that you always make me smile! 🙂 It might be when I read some of your excellent work, or sometimes it’s when somebody says something really silly! What do you enjoy the most? Miss C […]

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