Class 3/4C at Barlow Hall

Welcome to the wonderful world of Year 3/4C

Super Bee And Bear


In a dark dark Town,There was a dark dark Street,In the dark dark Street,There was a light, bright, little cosy cottage.

And in that cottage lived bill the bear and buzz the bee. But one night there were camping in the forest bear said, Look at that piece of cheese bee.                                                                                                  

Thats Not cheese dummy thats a meator RUN!  said bee sartasticly 

As they ran they saw no other than JUSTIN BEAVER!!

Baby Baby Baby oh Rabies Rabies Rabies no, Sang justin beaver.

Come on lets go, said bee

No  want to hear his latest single,said bear

One less lonely rodent One less lonely girl.

Hurry up the meteor is getting closer.

Then bear flew up to the sky,

wait did  mention they were also crime fighters

where were i oh bear flew up to the sky and destroyed the meteor the end.

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